A petite lover's dream.

I’m Mia L’amour and i’m so glad you’ve found me.
4 feet, 11 inches of delight wrapped into silky smooth light-golden tanned skin. I have luscious blonde curls with the most mesmerizing brown eyes- always adorned with flirty black lashes and a smile that lights up the entire room. I pay close attention to details.. you can count on me to always be made up well, manicured + pedicured with soft, clean skin that begs to be caressed..

Deeply sensual by nature and passionate in all that I immerse myself in. I’m free-spirited, down-to-earth, and can make even the most shy and standoffish of men feel as if we’ve known eachother for years. Everything about me is authentic.. I value genuine interactions. There is no cookie-cutter script or going through the motions with me.. the human connection is something I crave and truly enjoy developing unique chemistry with each of my suitors.

My interests include photography, traveling, and keeping fit — yoga, barre, kickboxing, HIIT, pilates..you name it, i’m game. Los Angeles is where I call home, but as I have quite the penchant for adventure i’m always on the go.. cities I frequent include(but not limited to) San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis, D.C., NYC, Tyson’s Corner, OC, and Las Vegas. Perhaps you’d like to fly me to a city near you..? In that case, read on.